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A family run RHS award winning specialist fern nursery, we have a large selection of hardy ferns for sale, probably the widest selection of garden ferns to buy online in Europe. We are a trusted supplier to many organisations including the RHS, The National Trust and many more. We also have a good range of ferns suitable for the house, conservatory or Terrarium available from Spring to autumn.
Biosecurity/chemical statement.
We do not (and never have or will) sell plants taken from the wild. This is why we do not sell large tree ferns. Plants taken from the wild do carry a risk of bringing in exotic plant diseases, as well as depleting the native environment. ALL our ferns are from propagated stock, whether spore-grown/vegetatively or tissue cultured. It should be noted that ferns do not get infected by Zylella, nor are they usual vectors for the insect carriers.
We do not use chemical pesticides, we use organic methods for pests and weed control and have been delighted by the results. It is also a great excuse to grow lots of pots of flowering plants to attract the hoverflies etc.
We send our ferns, carefully packed, throughout Great Britain,Ireland and Europe.

Shady Plants, your Mail order fern specialists.

We can no longer accept visitors though you can arrange to pick up orders from us. We are of course at many plant fairs so we can see you then!